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Control electronics


We can offer several original solutions for control of BLDC motors, two and three-phase stepper motors and asynchronous motors.

Software design

We focus mainly on quality control in terms of power efficiency and low engine noise as well as functional safety with regard to the certification.

  • PL modulator, influence of ‘dead time’, continuous transition to the hexagonal modulation
  • vector modulation, PL observer, dynamic flux weakening
  • multi-motor control
  • the concept of functional safety

Programming languages: C++, C, Assembler
Microcontrollers: ARM, C2000, AVR, 8051…

Hardware design

  • design of circuit diagram and PCB with an emphasis on EMC

Power electronics

  • sizing and cooling

Prototype construction

Laboratory testing

  • inverter’s parameters measurement, load characteristics, temperature rise, EMC tests

Communication and aplication programming

  • communication with the Master System and with the Operators
  • Modbus, CAN, Ethernet, USB, Customer’s communication interfaces and protocols